Capital Planning


Capital Planning is responsible for project concept development, project approval coordination, exploration of project implementation options, consideration of funding options and funding analysis.

Capital Planning authors the annual update to UCR’s Capital Financial Plan in coordination with the University of California Office of the President. At the project level, Capital Planning outlines the budgetary and financial components of a capital project to align with the project scope to ensure project feasibility in the planning phase.

Capital Planning works in close collaboration with all of UCR’s schools and colleges, and a multitude of campus units to advance capital projects in support of the university mission and to ensure alignment with the campus’ academic and strategic planning goals, and the Long Range Development Plan, Physical Design Framework, and Capital Financial Plan.

Capital Planning Process

Capital Projects are typically grouped according to total project budget and funding sources, such as Minor Capital Improvement Projects (less than $1 million) and Major Capital Improvement Projects (greater than $1 million). 

Projects between $10 million and $70 million may be administered using the UC Delegated Process for Capital Improvement Projects, which is an alternative to Regental approval for projects. The Regents delegated approval authority for budget and design for capital projects and the authority to make any related California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) determinations to the Chancellors, via the President, for the portfolio of projects in this cost range that meet eligibility criteria.

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