Request an Inspection

How do I Schedule an Inspection?
  1. *Log into
  2. Complete Automated Inspection Request Form
  3. Select your building permit number from the drop down menu and request the inspection you are in need of
  4. An e-mail will be sent to the IOR for that project, advising them that you are requesting inspection
  5. Once that inspection is conducted, the IOR will input the disposition into CForms (approved, disapproved, corrections, etc.)
  6. Results of the inspection is known immediately by those assigned to the project via email. Inspectors can also upload photos and other documents and attach them to the inspection file in CForms
  7. Completed "As-Built" plans of project shall be provided to Inspector of Record (IOR) prior to final inspection signature
  8. Once the work is completed, request a final inspection and a final inspection will be conducted. If approved, the permit will be signed as approved and complete.

*Access to CForms must be granted by Inspection Group prior to accessing cforms.