The Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Facility (UTLF) project will construct an approximately 120,000 gross-square-foot building to provide UC Riverside with critically needed classroom, class laboratory, and studio space to allow campus to serve current and future undergraduate students.

Project Scope:

Program, design and construction of a new ~120,000 GSF building for undergraduate instruction


Project Timeline: 

Anticipated Start:
Programing Kickoff: November 2022

Anticipated Completion:
Fall 2026

PD&C Contact:

Project Planner: Melissa Garrety
tel: (951) 827-7376

Project Manager: Sarah Sabera-Turab
tel: (951) 827-5825

Project Working Group:

Ken Baerenklau, Associate Provost, Chair

Bracken Daley, Registrar

Connie Nugent, CNAS Divisional Dean of Student Academic Affairs

Covadonga Lamar Prieto, CHASS Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Huinan Liu, BCOE Associate Dean for Student Academic Affairs

Linda Walling, Chair of the Physical Resources Committee

Project Basis of Design:

AC Martin