Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer system used to capture, manage and display geographically referenced information. GIS provides the ability to visualize where places or features are in proximity to each other, observe patterns in their distribution, and analyze change and relationships in the form of maps and reports.

GIS technology has been integrated into the planning, design, operation, and maintenance of the campus. It provides a standardized mapping system for campus, and supports the various departments that require accurate mapping and analysis.  The system now includes over 100 layers containing information relating to property ownership, transportation, utilities, public safety, buildings and other features.

Campus also utilizes ArcGIS Online, a complete cloud-based mapping platform, for easy accessibility and distribution of the campus GIS data. ArcGIS

Online members have access to UCR GIS layers and are able to create web maps to share with the public or specific internal users. ArcGIS Online makes it easy to collaborate on maps and share them on any device.

Access to ArcGIS Online requires an invitation and a valid UCR NetID and password.

If you have questions regarding UCR GIS data, would like to request mapping or analysis, or if you would like access to ArcGIS Online please email Elizabeth Perez

UCR academic affiliates should direct their questions to Janet Reyes, the Geospatial Information Librarian at UCR.

UCR GIS Data Standards

UCR geospatial data standards have been developed to create technical specifications for developers, business partners and users.  These geospatial data standards help to optimize operations and improve quality.

The following University GIS Data Standards Documentation and requirements are available at: UCR Spatial Data Standards

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