Batchelor Hall Systems Renewal

Batchelor Hall Systems Renewal

Renovation 110,091 square feet facility built in 1960 due to building systems anticipated end of life, and desire to support research. Project proposes:

  • Replace heating, ventilation, and air condition system due to inefficiency, and compromised air quality
  • Upgrade electrical service to 480/277 in order to allow higher intensity research equipment
  • Upgrade/replace plumbing systems due to condition, and inadequate water treatment
  • Upgrade fire life safety system (fire alarm) due to none code compliance
  • Reconfigure laboratory space to improve research space usage and efficiency, work will be phased to limit user impact, and funding availability

Classification of Work:

  • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing upgrades primarily focused in the building
  • New Roof
  • Fire sprinklers added throughout the building
  • Card key access on main floor entry doors
  • Upgrades to room 2163 to provide an equipment room for Botany & Plan Sciences
  • At the completion of the project, there will be backup power to Batchelor and Keen

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Current Activity

  • Bidding Phase

Next Steps

  • Award of the Project to General Contractor

Construction Notices

  • ¬†Project Team & Constructor will be scheduling lab walkthroughs with individual PI. ¬†Walkthroughs will allow the Project Team to determine potential impact to individual spaces, this information will be utilized in developing a Phasing/Logistics Plan and User Impact Mitigation measures

Project Estimated Timeline