Batchelor Hall Renovation

Batchelor Hall Project

Renovation 110,091 square feet facility built in 1960 due to building systems anticipated end of life, and desire to support research. Project proposes:

  • Replace heating, ventilation, and air condition system due to inefficiency, and compromised air quality
  • Upgrade electrical service to 480/277 in order to allow higher intensity research equipment
  • Upgrade/replace plumbing systems due to condition, and inadequate water treatment
  • Upgrade fire life safety system (fire alarm) due to none code compliance
  • Reconfigure laboratory space to improve research space usage and efficiency, work will be phased to limit user impact, and funding availability

Classification of Work:

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Energy management systems
  • Primary and emergency electrical systems
  • Fire alarm and protection systems
  • De-ionized water and reverse osmosis systems
  • Hazardous materials abatement
  • Reconfiguration of research and laboratory and related spaces

Batchelor Hall Renovation

Current Activity

  • Complete building investigation and lab walkthrough
  • Complete construction (and relocation) phasing and logistics plan
  • Complete project construction and relocation schedule
  • Complete project construction drawings

Next Steps

  • Project bidding (Sub Contractor Bidding)
  • Construction phase funding approval

Construction Notices

  • ¬†Project Team & Constructor will be scheduling lab walkthroughs with individual PI. ¬†Walkthroughs will allow the Project Team to determine potential impact to individual spaces, this information will be utilized in developing a Phasing/Logistics Plan and User Impact Mitigation measures