PDC Contacts

Project Manager: Tameesha D Hayes - (951) 827-1412

Planner: Jaime Engbrecht - (951) 827-2421

Project Description

Furnish and install labor and materials for ADA compliance at Parking Lot 1 at accessible parking spaces, walkways, ramps, and curbs. Exterior improvements will require demo of existing concrete, asphalt, ramps and cubs and replace with new material that is compliant with federal and state code regulations. Includes colored concrete (UCR Tan), truncated domes, stripping and wheel stops.

Current Activity

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Next Step

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Construction Notices

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Lot 1 Construction Updates

  • Construction Update #1

    950547 ADA Corrections Parking Lot 1 Construction Alert #1

    Please be advised that the following activities will be occurring from 7:00AM to 4:00PM at Parking Lot 1 site and adjacent areas on Wednesday, April 15th  through May 15th:

    • Demolition (jack hammers, saw cuts, bobcats, drills);
    • Forms installation (equipment: skill saws, hammers, drills);
    • Material deliveries (equipment: trucks and trailers, forklift);
    • Form placing (equipment: forklift, skill saws, hammers, drills);
    • Rebar deliveries and installation (equipment: delivery truck, forklift);
    • Excavate footings (equipment: backhoe, skip loader);
    • Concrete placement (equipment: concrete trucks, pump truck, concrete vibrators);
    • Pad grading (equipment: skip loader);
    • Backfill footings and pad (equipment: excavator, front loader, skip loader, compactor).

    Some items listed above may potentially cause disruption in the surrounding areas;     

    Continuous noises on site: Construction equipment (back-up alarms), delivery trucks (back-up alarms), forklifts, generators, jackhammers, saws, screw guns, and hammers.

    The ADA Corrections Project Team recognizes that construction activities will at times pose inconveniences and disruption to the surrounding areas. We thank you for your patience during construction of this project.