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Barbara & Art Culver Center of the Arts

The Barbara & Art Culver Center of the Arts, formerly the historic Rouse Building in downtown Riverside, was renovated and seismically upgraded with funds from a private donor, State, City of Riverside redevelopment and the UCR campus. The renovated facility provides 30,681 ASF for Arts programs in the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences including digital media, visual and performing arts studios, seminar, screening and exhibition spaces. The center, adjacent to the UCR/California Museum of Photography, increases the presence of the Arts in downtown Riverside and serves as an outreach to the entire community.

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School of Medicine - Health Sciences Research Building

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Genomics Building

The Genomics Building is an integral part of the College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences strategic plan to enhance the learning, teaching and research experiences in the sciences. The 65,243 ASF multi-disciplinary building includes approximately 46,721 ASF of research laboratory and support spaces. In addition, the building has 18,522 ASF of offices, conference rooms and building support space.

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Psychology Building

The 2001 Master Space Plan for the College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences set the framework for the Psychology Department to be housed in a new instructional and research facility. The 34,111 ASF building provides office, teaching and research facilities for Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Social/Personality Psychology.

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Student Services

Located in the core of the campus, the Student Services Building provides a one-stop center for students and their parents. The 38,449 ASF three-story steel structure houses: Enrollment Management, Office of the Registrar, Undergraduate Admissions, Undergraduate Recruitment, Financial Aid, Cashier, Student Business Services and Special Services. In addition, the building includes counseling, testing, training and meeting rooms.

2008 Student Services   2008 Student Services   2008 Student Services   2008 Student Services

2008 Student Services   2008 Student Services   2008 Student Services   2008 Student Services

2008 Student Services

Alumni and Visitors Center

The Alumni & Visitors Center provides 9,720 asf of offices, meeting rooms and dining facilities for the UCR Alumni Association. The building is located at the juncture of Canyon Crest Drive and Bannockburn Housing complex.

2007 Alumni and Visitors Center   2007 Alumni and Visitors Center   2007 Alumni and Visitors Center   2007 Alumni and Visitors Center

2007 Alumni and Visitors Center   2007 Alumni and Visitors Center

CHASS Interdisciplinary Building

The College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (CHASS) Interdisciplinary Building is located at a prominent location near the main entrance to the UCR campus. The building has 68,008 asf of instructional, research, academic and administrative space for three academic departments (Women's Studies, Religious Studies & Ethnic Studies) and a number of interdisciplinary programs. In addition to the academic and program spaces, the building includes 13 general assignment classrooms totaling 15,761 asf.

2007 CHASS   2007 CHASS   2007 CHASS   2007 CHASS

2007 CHASS

Glen Mor I

Glen Mor 1 Student Apartments is on the East Campus situated on 12.6 acres. The 500 bed complex features both two-bed, one-bath and four-bed two-bath suites. In addition, the community features its own recreation fields.

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Biological Sciences Building

The Biological Sciences Building is the first building at UC Riverside dedicated to the biological sciences in over twenty-six years. The building provides modern research laboratories and laboratory support to accommodate 22 existing and new faculty/student research teams. A BSL 3 suite, faculty offices and meeting rooms is available for Biochemistry, Biology, Botany & Plant Sciences, Cell Biology and Neurosciences Departments.

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Engineering Building, Unit 2

Located adjacent to the Bourns Building, EBU2 was designed to accommodate ten-year enrollment and research needs for the College of Engineering. The layout of interior spaces was specifically designed to encourage multi-disciplinary collaboration between Bourns College of Engineering departments and industry. The 99,878 asf building provides space for Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Teaching Labs, Scholarly Activity rooms and general assignment classrooms.

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Science Laboratories

Science Laboratories Building provides multi-disciplinary instructional and research laboratories for programs in the Chemical and Environmental Sciences. Located south and adjacent to the existing Geology Building, the new building is a critical component of a comprehensive space plan for the College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences. The building provides modern class laboratories for teaching organic chemistry and utility-intensive space for research in Environmental Sciences.

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Pentland Hills II

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Entomology Building

The new Entomology Building replaced an existing facility built in 1932. The new building provides modern laboratory facilities to support the department’s work in biological control, integrated pest management and toxicology. The 42,448 ASF building includes space for 20 faculty, 105 researchers and a suite of administrative offices.

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Arts Building

A Fine Arts Seismic Facility project, the Arts Building provides new space for Arts programs in the College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences. The new facility is 106,658 gsf and 60,078 asf and was occupied in January 2001. The building provides office, labs, studios, conference, screening, performance, black box and practice rooms for Art, History of Art, Dance, Music and Theatre.

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