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Welcome to UCR’s Inspection & Quality Assurance Division


Our mission is to ensure that the entire campus (i.e. buildings, playing fields, curbs, walkways, etc.) are safe and that new construction projects or modifications to existing structures comply with Federal, State, and local laws, UC Policy, and UC Facilities Manual.

Within the Office of Architects & Engineers (A&E), the Director of Inspection & Quality Assurance / UCR Campus Building Official reviews projects for compliance with and enforces the requirements of the building code.   All project plans must be reviewed by Inspection & Quality Assurance (I&QA) prior to starting construction. Please be advised that all construction projects, including modifications to existing facilities, must comply with state building code requirements and local, state, and federal agency regulations.

Basis for Implementation of UCR Campus Building Permit

Mandated by California State Law and the UC Facilities Manual, the Plan Review and Building Permit program fulfills the legal and responsible compliance requirements for the UCR A&E-Inspection and Quality Assurance Compliance unit, relating to ALL construction on UCR Owned, leased, and/or occupied buildings, and/or premises. The Campus Building Official is responsible for the issuance of campus building permits, plan review and inspections for all construction, alterations, demolition, renovation, repair, replacement, and maintenance projects requiring a permit, in accordance with Section 105 of the California Building Standards Code, on the UCR campus.

No building or structure regulated by code shall be constructed, altered, enlarged, improved, or converted without the approval of the Campus Building Official and the Designated Campus Fire Marshal. Approval is granted by issuance of a Building Permit .

Our Goals Are To:

  • To enforce California Building Standard Code Compliance.
  • Provide timely plan review and issue the required campus Building Permits
  • Conduct timely inspections of construction activities
  • Create and maintain a safe campus environment
  • Provide excellence in service to the campus community

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