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When does this permit process take effect

The online campus building permit application went into effect March 1st, 2018. The application request can be found at the Architects and Engineers website to submit a Campus Building Permit Application

Is it required to get a permit to paint a wall?

A permit is not required for paint & patch no matter the size or dimensions.

At what scope level or cost point is a permit required?

All construction, alterations, repairs and remodel projects must comply with the latest California Building Standards Codes. Additionally, all equipment and accessories shall also be installed in accordance with each of their respective codes. This is accomplished through oversight from the Campus Building Official and issuance of a campus building permit.

If the process takes effect immediately, do the projects already in the design or construction stage need to be retroactively submitted?

If in Design, yes, submit when you have construction drawings. If in Construction, submit a Campus Building Permit Application and final construction drawings as soon as possible. Inspections are still required!

If the Facilities Team or A&E is involved, who is expected to submit the permit? Facilities, A&E, or the building operator?

Requestors that are approved representatives of UCR, Facilities Services staff, A&E Project Managers, EH&S, Fire Marshal and Colleges.

How long will the review process typically take? Are there turnaround time targets that we can use in the planning process?

(Over-the counter) with no plan review-24 hours. Minor improvements/alterations- 7 days. Major construction projects 14-21 days for 1st set of comments.

Will there be a cost associated with this activity?

Yes, A&E time will be recharged to the funding source identified on the Campus Building Permit Application.

Are EH&S entities included as part of this review process?

Yes, A&E will distribute construction documents to the required review agencies.

Are NFPA requirements included in the review process?

Yes. The campus Fire Marshall will review for all NFPA requirements and all other pertinent code requirements, during the review process.

Will written comments be generated by all entities reviewing and approving the plans?

Yes, however the current process is typically accomplished with red line notes on the reviewed plans.

Can anyone on campus submit a permit application as long as it is signed by a Dean / Department Head?


Are there instances where plans or drawings are not required with the submission? If so, what is the scope level at which plans would become a requirement?

Yes, refer to “Do I need a Building Permit” or “When is a Building Permit Not Required” guidelines.

When plans are required, at what stage of development are they to be submitted? Is there opportunity to submit preliminary plans for early input?

Yes, it is okay to submit early at 90% CD.

Can a third party entity submit plans, such as a Panda Express, or do they need to go through a UCR entity for “sponsorship”?

Yes, but they need to go through a UCR entity for sponsorship.

Can “the work” be performed by someone other than a licensed contractor or Facilities Services.

Depending on the project, other UCR units who are authorized to conduct work on campus, can do so. Anyone involved in a campus construction project, other than those authorized UCR staff members, shall be licensed as a contractor in California for their specific specialty.

Does this permit process apply to interior or exterior signage, temporary or permanent, that is designed in house and installed by Facilities Services?

Yes, it will still to need to comply and be reviewed.

What paperwork am I required to leave on the job site for the inspector?

The Building Inspector will need to have your Campus Building Permit Inspection Card as well as the stamped Approved Plans on the job site in order to perform the inspection. The Approved Plans are the plans that the Campus Building Official and/or Campus Fire Marshal have stamped "APPROVED"

Does someone need to be at the job site for the inspection?

It is suggested that a Facilities Dervices staff member, Project Manager or Contractor responsible for the project, be present during the inspection in order to consult with the Inspector if any problems are identified.

How can I confirm that inspection was approved?

One method of verifying the results of an inspection request is to review the Campus Building Permit Inspection signature card. If the inspection was approved, then the Inspector will sign their initials and date that specific inspection entry on the card. If corrections are required, the Inspector will typically write a Correction Notice and leave it with the Permit Inspection Card

Another method that can be used to check the status and results of the inspection is to log onto CForms, click on "daily reports", look for Building Permit number from the drop down menu, click on the "Report #", and review the inspection request disposition. There may be a delay in updated results depending on the inspector scheduling. Your presence during the inspection ensures you are updated immediately.

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