Plant Growth Environment Facility

Plant Growth Environment Facility

  • Replace aged greenhouses with new state of the art greenhouses with the ability for greater temperature control.
  • Construct a facility that can be shared across CNAS departments & support a wide range of research functions & environments.
  • Balance the opportunities for segregated/isolated and shared/collaborative workspaces.
  • Space for both walk-in and cabinet growth chambers with adequate infrastructure

Plant Growth Environment Facility

Current Activities

  • Foundation and Wall Pours
  • Boring for Electrical Feeder
  • Install Underbuilding Plumbing and Electrical
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Next Steps

  • Telecom/Data Tie in to Vault (East Campus Dr.)
  • Natural Gas Tie In (on site)
  • Install Underbuilding Plumbing and Electrical

Construction Notice

  • 9/16 – 9/20 Tuesday (Significant Impact in Satellite Chiller Plant Area)
    • Traffic closure between Satellite Chiller Plant and DPR Trailer, access resumes at the end of every business day
    • Vacuum truck periodically used near Vivarium at bottom of hill, removed when not in use
  • 9/23 – 10/4 (Minimal Impact)
    • Onsite trenching
    • Utility install & testing
    • Backfill and compaction
  • 9/24 (Significant Impact)
    • Gas utilities tie in, Gas shutdown for some campus buildings will occur between 6 am – 8 am (Facilities Shutdown notice issued 9/16)


  •  9/30 – 10/2 (Significant Impact)
    • Traffic control set up at intersection of E. Campus Dr. and Eucalyptus Dr.
    • Pothole Utilities near telecom vault
    • Sawcut and remove asphalt, trench to vault
    • Install conduit, inspect and backfill asphalt patch back

We ask users please exercise caution when in this area, please pay attention to, and follow traffic direction from construction safety workers

Plant Growth Environment Past Construction Updates

  • Construction Updates May 2019

    Construction Notice #1 - May 9, 2019

    5/16-5/17 Equipment Delivery (minimal impact)

    • Back up beeping

    5/21 - 5/24 Tree Removal (moderate impact)

    • Chain saws
    • Wood Chipper
    • Back up beeping
    • Overhead hazard (trees coming down)
    • Heavy equipment operation
    • Heavy haul trucks to the MLK exit

    5/21 - 5/27 Demolition (significant impact)

    • Heavy equipment operation
    • Back up beeping
    • Jackhammering
    • Heavy haul trucks to the MLK exit

    5/28 - 6/12 Grading & Excavation (significant impact)

    • Back up beeping
    • Heavy equipment operation
    • Soil excavation vibration


  • Construction Updates June-July 2019

    6/3 – 6/21 Grading and Compaction (Significant Impact)

    • Back up beeping
    • Heavy Equipment Operation
    • Soil Compaction Vibration

    7/1 – 7/5 Sewer Line Connection (Significant Impact)

    6/24 – 8/2 Underground Utilities (Moderate Impact)

    • Heavy Equipment Operation
    • Back up beeping
    • Installing underground pipe
    • Minor Vibration for Soil Compaction
    • Deliveries of equipment and material

    7/15 – 8/15 Site Wall Construction (Significant Impact)

    • Portions of the perimeter road directly north of Glasshouses 18-21 will not be accessible during this time period
    • Deliveries of block and concrete trucks daily
    • Back up beeping
    • Heavy Equipment Operation
    • Click Here for the Drawing Link