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Mobility Hub and Central Campus Linkages

mobility hub

The UC Riverside Mobility Hub and Central Campus Linkages project represents a significant investment in current and future transportation needs of the campus and to integrate the existing campus with future development to the north. The project includes a centralized multi-modal bus transit center, a new front door to campus, and critical pedestrian-oriented, safe, and accessible connections from the Mobility Hub to the existing campus core and proposed campus development to the north. The project aims to improve mobility for various modes—pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles alike—by using best practices in urban design and transportation planning.

 Current Activity:

  • Development of construction drawings underway
  • Reviewing CEQA Draft Document
  • Working on Budget and Design Approval through UCOP(expecting approval Dec 2018)

Next Steps:

  • Permit plan review 
  • Issue CEQA Document for public comment  


Construction Notices:

 mobility hub
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