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956553 Parking Structure 1 Project

Parking Structure 1 Community Meeting Flyer

Parking Structure 1 2nd Community Meeting Flyer


School Success Center Project

SSC Community Meeting Flyer


Riverside Unified School District Project

The Regents of the University of California, on behalf of UC Riverside are partnering with the Riverside Unified School District (RUSD) to propose a ground lease of University-owned land on East Campus for the purpose of constructing a new RUSD STEM High School serving grades 9 through 12. The RUSD STEM High School will be a magnet school for 800 students (half full-time and half part-time) who are pursuing their interests and aptitudes in areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The High School would consist of classrooms, administrative office space, a multi-use discovery center, fabrication lab, food service, lecture facilities, a fitness center, outdoor learning areas and associated parking and circulation.

RUSD STEM High School Project


Raoul Amescua
Executive Director Real Estate Services and Asset Management
1223 University Avenue; Suite 240
(951) 827-6951
  Jerrod Walters
Sr. Planner
1223 University Avenue; Suite 240
(951) 827-6955


Community Meetings on 9/25/2018 and 11/1/2018 for RUSD Stem High School

RUSD STEM HS Community Outreach Meeting No. 1 Presentation

RUSD STEM HS Community Outreach Meeting No. 2 Flyer

RUSD STEM High School Community Meeting No. 2 Presentation

RUSD STEM High School Q&A Handout for Community Meeting No. 1 Questions

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